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Medical Mime is a premier electronic medical record (EMR) software designed for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers that improves documentation and client workflow so you have more time to focus on your patients. Medical Mime is a cloud-based system allowing for easy upgrades and scalability. It offers total patient lifecycle management including pre-admission, billing, and aftercare, and will seamlessly integrate into your daily operations.

When you introduce Medical Mime into your treatment facility, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you to ensure your installation and migration are as easy as possible. Medical Mime is easy to use, and most employees can be trained in a single day. Once running, our behavioral health and substance abuse EMR software will help you spend less time on paperwork, and more time on your clients, all with more accurate record keeping. Instantly view patient details and update level of care and progress over time. Automated alerts help to keep patient care on track.

Our silver package includes charting, scheduling, internal messaging, reporting, and other benefits. The premium upgrade package adds a dedicated account manager and a robust analytics suite that offers a 360-degree view of the patient lifecycle, making it easy to monitor operational efficiency and identify any gaps in care.


Help Desk  *  Alerts Dashboard  *  Client Charting  *  Scheduling  *  Task Messaging  *  Reporting

and more….


Our gold package offers the same streamlined paperwork and patient management as our silver package, while adding bed tracking, MARS, and round reports. Our fully compliant medical administration records (MAR) system provides complete documentation for prescribed medications, including active and past medications, and paper and e-prescriptions.

Beyond quality care, all of our behavioral health and substance abuse EMR software packages enhance and streamline the paperwork required with every patient. Medical Mime offers easy access to your facility’s preloaded, default forms. It makes it easy to see forms that need to be signed and generates alerts for incomplete forms and upcoming deadlines. All Medical Mime packages help reduce medical billing errors. Medical Mime collates and validates all required billing data before sending claims off for processing. We generate clean billing by providing easy-to-use insurance authorization hubs within a patient’s chart. Strict but simple criteria ensure only clean claims are sent to your billing software.

If you would like to learn more about how Medical Mime can help streamline client management with our behavioral health and substance abuse  EMR software, request a demo or a quote today!


Help Desk  *  Alerts Dashboard  *  Client Charting  *  Scheduling  *  Internal Messaging  *  Reporting   

Bed Tracking  *  Medication Administration Record  *  Shift Reports

Other Benefits


Fully integrated and compliant including RCOPIA and EPCS.


Fully integrated and compliant.

Premium Analytics Pages

Fully integrated analytics, developed for specific KPI’s, benchmarking, performance and outcome measures, and CPT codes.

Custom Analytics Pages

Fully integrated analytics, developed by aggregating data from multiple systems. Based on SOW


Lab, Billing, Accounting, Practice Management, Other.

 What Our Customers Say

Brian J.

“Love the intuitive nature of your product and the way it is organized”

Carmela N.

Easy to use for what I’m doing but I’m new so don’t have much to say at the moment. Maybe next time I can help more

Mickey G.

“I learned the system in a couple of days. It has a lot to it and they were helpful uploading the forms we used into the system.”