Get it right the first time – on time


Get it right the first time – on time

Medical Mime Billing

Roughly 80% of all medical bills contain errors:

– Errors that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars
– And potentially your business

The Solution?

Get it right the first time – on time – with Medical Mime.
Unlike other EMRs, Medical Mime collates & validates all the required billing data before billing can process the claim.

Medical Mime automates & accelerates clean billing by:

  • Providing streamlined, easy to use insurance and authorization hubs within a patient’s chart. 
  • Alerting case managers to upcoming reviews and expiration dates
  • Utilizing strict but simple criteria to ensure clean claims are pushed to your billing software every time. Criteria includes:
    • Events must be marked as completed on the calendar
    • Associated documentation is signed by the provider
    • Authorization information must be available for the date of service—even if the flag is simply “no authorization required”
  • Automatically gathering all billable events that meet the above criteria into a daily billing file that can be electronically delivered to your billing software.
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Medical Mime simplifies the errors & omissions correction process by:

  • Identifying when key aspects of an available claim are missing such as authorization flags or signatures on appropriate documentation 
  • Providing daily retrospective reporting so that all team members are directly advised of their specific omissions or errors that need to be addressed before a claim can be dropped to bill
  • Including easily accessible analytics that provide a comprehensive overview of the status of all appointments.

 What Our Customers Say

Brian J.

“Love the intuitive nature of your product and the way it is organized”

Carmela N.

Easy to use for what I’m doing but I’m new so don’t have much to say at the moment. Maybe next time I can help more

Mickey G.

“I learned the system in a couple of days. It has a lot to it and they were helpful uploading the forms we used into the system.”