Behavioral Health EHR

Improve Patient Care

Easy access to patients’ complete, organized history in one convenient location enables providers to make more informed decisions and administer high-quality care. Medical Mime makes day-to-day operations easier with useful tools such as:

    • Face cards with photo ID and level of care coordination
    • Chart dashboards with full patient demographics.
    • Quickly view current and historical diagnosis
    • Access current and historical treatment documentation
    • Review current and historical medications.
    behavior health EMR software

    Increase Productivity

    Spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks. Medical Mime streamlines the workflow process from admission to intake through scheduled appointments to discharge. Spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks.

    • Sign forms electronically by mouse, touchscreen, PIN, or signature pad
    • Complete individual and group session notes from within the appointment window
    • Enhanced communication between users through our internal messaging and task system




    Improve Patient Safety

    Patients come to you in a vulnerable state and trust you to improve their wellbeing. Do it with confidence.


    • Easily monitor and identify trends across all vitals
    • Maintain complete medication reconciliation and administration records
    • Track withdrawal symptoms with one click response COWS and CIWA
    • View food, medication, and environmental allergies in chart dashboard
    • Simplify security checks with bed tracking and shift reports

    Simplify Billing Processes

    Behavioral health billing can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our intelligent billing interface runs in the background to reduce claim denials and improve revenue flow by:


    • Identifying billable events
    • Confirming valid insurance data
    • Ensuring documentation is completed
    • Automating the flow of billing data between Medical Mime and your preferred billing software
    • Report any missing data before a claim is ever created


    Robust analytics provide a 360-degree view of the patient life cycle. C-Suite and Executive users can easily identify gaps, monitor operational efficiency and make informed decisions regarding the overall health of your organization. The rest is up to you, act on what you find and watch the progress of your work.

     What Our Customers Say

    Dee M.

    “I like that you can track everything you do. Like that it’s easy to keep track of clients and all the needed paperwork for those clients. I also like how we been able to customize some of the assessments that we need.”

    Ben P.

    “Accessibility to customer support is by far the best thing and makes the transition from paper filing a smooth and seamless process. Our staff has also had an easy time with customer support.”

    Hillary G.

    “The software was user friendly. We had a variety of ages and technology experience levels that were able to utilize Medical Mime. Our Medical Mime representative was always available and went out of her way to educate us on the software.”