Frequently Asked Questions

How will MedicalMime improve the efficiency of our business?

Less time spent with paperwork.
More time to spend with your clients.
More accurate record keeping.
Easy reporting for billing and compliance purposes.

How can we do better with Medical Mime?

Medical Mime is a cloud based EHR system that can improve documentation and client workflow at your substance abuse or behavioral health treatment center. MedicalMime can save you time and money by streamlining your documentation process.

Is Medical Mime scalable?

All system components have been built with scalability in mind and are continuously optimized for performance and scale. Since Medical Mime is a cloud-based EHR system with a monthly subscription, customers do not need to worry about scaling up any hardware or storage infrastructure.

Is Medical Mime customizable?

Medical Mime is customizable in many ways:

The custom forms builder allows you to make changes to forms at any time keeping you in control of your documents.
The customized reports help you track data with a simple click.
The treatment plans at your behavioral health and substance abuse center can be customized to suit your specific approach to treatment.
In all cases Medical Mime provides you with a library of existing forms / reports / treatment plans, which you can extend as desired to fit your needs.

Can I get access to a community forum for current users of Medical Mime?

Medical Mime has high quality support staff at the ready.
At this time there is no publicly available community forum, although this is being investigated as the community is growing.

Medical Mime also has many user testimonials on its website and will be happy to connect you with references.

What is the best way to measure the return on investment that your software promises to provide?

Time savings in record keeping, report generation, billing preparation, Intake and discharge workflows.
Accuracy of records kept, reduced number of documentation or treatment errors.

Who will handle the implementation process?

Each Medical Mime client will have a dedicated account manager that will be assigned to your facility from the start. We will handle training, implementation and customer support for your facility.

What is the software vendor’s expertise in the implementation?

Our account specialists have numerous years’ experience in substance abuse, mental health and the ambulatory sector.
Health Technology Solutions also develops laboratory information and order entry systems.
The parent company owns toxicology and clinical testing labs, and has extensive billing systems and revenue cycle management experience.

How smooth will the data migration be?

Medical Mime can easily support data migration from other EHRs around standardized data (patient demographics, etc.). For specialized data, please consult with your Account Manager.

Does Health Technology Solutions provide an API for integrating 3rd party apps?

Medical Mime supports standard interfaces using HL7 format (patients, orders, billing, etc.).
It also sports an API for information using the new HL7 FHIR standard.
Please contact support for more details.

Medical Mime already provides many integrations with lab systems – see the Product Integrations page for details.
New interfaces can be added on demand. Please contact sales for a quote.

Does the software vendor provide free disaster recovery support in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure?

Yes, Health Technology Solutions provides disaster recovery support as part of the subscription.
Its cloud hosting provider has geographic redundancy and does provide business continuity service levels.

Is Medical Mime easy to use?

Medical Mime is extremely easy to use. Many of our testimonials point out how user friendly the system really is.

How much training is required in the software to get your team up to speed?

We found that most users can be trained in a day to be up and running.

How often is the software updated?

As a cloud based EHR system, Medical Mime has had 8 feature releases in the last 12 months (excluding minor patch releases).
This suggests a healthy product pipeline and iterative development, aimed at maximizing the agility to respond to customer feedback.

Who will answer our calls when there is an issue with the software performance?

Your account specialist is always available to you by phone or email.

How vast is the software vendor’s client base?

Currently, Medical Mime has served well over 100 different clients.
Over 3,000 users have used Medical Mime.
Medical Mime has helped over 100,000 patients in their treatment.

In addition, Health Technology Solutions counts more than 650 client facilities for its order entry product providing lab order and testing services through its laboratory information system and testing labs.

How does Health Technology Systems perform testing and validation?

Medical Mime is tested using a variety of methods, including, but not limited to unit testing, system testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, static code analysis, web vulnerability scanning, performance and load testing.