Our Mission

What we are about

It’s no surprise that many medical providers are dissatisfied with their EHRs. There isn’t a tech company on the planet that understands a provider’s workflow or needs better than the providers themselves.

We designed our EHR products to work the way physicians work, with the help of physicians themselves.

Medical Mime isn’t a typical software or technology company. We’re a medical services company on a mission: to develop and deliver exceptionally intuitive, simplified and effective healthcare IT solutions that meet the unique needs of medical providers.

Our Business

Regulatory, third-party and demographic changes continue to create daunting challenges for healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to provide medical providers with best-in-class technology solutions to address those challenges—not create new ones for them.

Our Focus


We give providers an optimized, customized workflow that saves time every day.


We find and correct documentation errors made by physicians, resulting in 98+% accuracy.


We help eliminate barriers and enable meaningful use of EMRs.