Data in healthcare is now essentially ubiquitous: there are mountains of it everywhere. With the promise of tech and big data, healthcare systems snapped up technology that promised to capture all their data and provide enhanced and unprecedented insights. EHRs were pushed on physicians, claiming better data collection, organization, and utilization. And yet, very few physicians can even access real-time information, let alone derive practice-informing insight from it. 

One of the key elements of a strong EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is having an analytics engine with the ability to separate the signal from the noise. That is, the ability to derive meaning from data that can be used to empower decision makers.  

Let’s look at a few areas in behavioral health where the right analytics can be used to make truly impactful decisions for both the patient and the care facility.  

Level of Care – Level of care analytics allows you to easily measure your care days and to understand how your clinical resources are spread out across those days. A deeper dive will allow you to see where time is being spent and what levels of care are driving your programs.  

Census Data – With census data you can analyze your patient population over any given period. Additionally, you can track referral sources to help: 

  • Identify where new clients are coming from 
  • Where to put your marketing dollars 
  • What partnerships to nurture 

Diagnosis – With diagnosis analytics, you can visualize the utilization of your clinical resources and the types of requirements of each level of care. This allows you to better visualize how your providers are utilizing their time to create better efficiencies in treatment. It also allows for centers to know what they want to negotiate in their contracts with the carriers 

Provider Detail – Provider detail lets you see all the activities and workload by each individual provider. Visualizing a providers current and historic activity gives you easy analysis of a provider and their program efficacy.    

These are just a few of the areas where a robust analytic platform can have a significant impact on your overall business and operations.  

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