Behavioral Health (EHR) Software

A Patient Management Tracking System

Communicating about patient health is critical to providing the best care. However, with numerous privacy regulations, it can be difficult to find a way to share information about a patient that is both helpful to the care professional and compliant with HIPAA and other privacy laws. That is where behavioral health (EHR) softwares can be so helpful.

A patient management tracking system is one place to provide caregiver notes, patient communications, diagnostic information, and test results. Patient medical information and mental health information are combined in one record. Once in place, access to patient information is quicker than ever. Healthcare professionals can access a patient’s record directly from their own office, or the patient’s room, all without having to wait for a paper chart from the records room, or worse, notes and diagnostic information from another provider.

Our behavioral health EHR software acts like a standard paper-based chart. However, it can be shared and accessed by all licensed professionals involved in the patient’s care. Our cloud-based Medical Mime system ensures that any caregiver can access critical information about any patient immediately, from any location, and all while keeping the patient’s information safe and confidential. EHR software offers greater efficiency and accuracy in diagnosing and treatment plans.

Beyond caregiving, our behavioral health EHR software can generate reports and data for use in scheduling, billing, and eligibility verification, all while automatically linking patient information such as address, pharmacy, and location. Access to this information reduces clerical errors and makes patient intake more accurate when medical assistants and personnel can see where additional inquiries may be necessary.

As a cloud-based EHR solution, Medical Mime ensures that records are safe and backed up off-site to prevent any loss of patient data during storms, fires, flooding, or most commonly, burst pipes. Our patient management tracking system is easy to learn, with most employees becoming proficient with just one day of training. Best of all, there is no need to worry about upgrades and bug fixes. All changes are implemented on the server end after extensive planning and testing. These no-touch updates save our clients thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive on-site consultants to upgrade an office full of installed workstations.

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 What Our Customers Say

Brian J.

“Love the intuitive nature of your product and the way it is organized”

Carmela N.

Easy to use for what I’m doing but I’m new so don’t have much to say at the moment. Maybe next time I can help more

Mickey G.

“I learned the system in a couple of days. It has a lot to it and they were helpful uploading the forms we used into the system.”