In the Addiction Treatment sector, all service providers need to integrate at least the following three systems:

  • EHR – Electronic Health Record System
  • Lab – Laboratory Information System
  • Billing System

Many rehab facilities have some, but not all products installed and want to complete the above system.

Others may already have a product from another vendor and want to either replace that or integrate it with one of our products.

Our goal is to solve your problem and enable a configuration that works for you. We strongly support open systems interoperability and have implemented a variety of configurations:

Often there is an additional platform or product to orchestrate the flow of information and sharing of information between these systems.

Below we describe how our products integrate with each other and/or with those of other vendors using this pattern.

Pairwise Interfaces

All interfaces leverage the standard HL7 format ( Simply put, this format defines a standard set of fields and allows for custom extensions to communicate additional, often product-specific information.

Sending and receiving HL7 format files should allow to communicate the standard fields without any modifications and provides a framework to extend the interfaces with custom fields.

HL7 is a human-readable text format, and there are a variety of specialized HL7 editors which make editing or testing HL7 files very easy to do.

EHR – Lab

There are usually two directions with this interface:

  1. From EHR to Lab: Order HL7 file (What test should be performed for which patient?)
  2. From Lab to EHR: Results HL7 file (What was the outcome of the requested test?)

LAB – Billing

Two directions with this interface:

  1. From Lab to Billing: Billing HL7 file (What charges for what performed tests?)
  2. From Billing to Lab: Billing HL7 file (What is the payment status for these charges?)

EHR – Billing

  1. From EHR to Billing: Patient HL7 file (What demographics and insurance info for this patient?)
  2. From EHR to Billing: Diagnosis HL7 file (What dx codes have been recorded for this patient?)
  3. From Billing to EHR: Charges & Billing Notes (What charges / payments have happened for this patient?)

Product-Specific Implementations

The implemented interfaces below are listed in alphabetical order. If your product is not on these lists, contact us for a quote to develop an integration.

EHR = MedicalMime

In this case, the above picture looks like this:

We have built integrations with the following Systems:


  • (Ameritox)
  • BlueSpotHealth
  • (CBS Labs)
  • ClinLab (star)
  • (EngageDX)
  • (Genesis)
  • LabGeeks
  • LabGen
  • NetSmart
  • Scientific Essentials (New)


Lab = ClinLab

In this case, the above picture looks like this:

We have built integrations with the following Systems:


  • BestNotes
  • MedicalMime M2Select (EHR rehab)
  • PracticeFusion
  • ZenCharts


  • CollaborateMD