M2Select (EHR rehab) Releases

v3.15.0.pdf (Dec-2019) – Client Page in HTML, Rcopia 4, MM Analytics

v3.14.0.pdf (Jul-2019) – Calendar Facility Filter, Performance improvements

v3.13.0.pdf (Jun-2019) – Improved Demographics page and editing

v3.12.0.pdf (Apr-2019) – Maintenance release, MTxP Edit Dialog in HTML

v3.11.0.pdf (Feb-2019) – Outcome Measures in Custom Forms, new Admission report

v3.10.0.pdf (Dec-2018) – Case Load View, Form Addendum, Client refuses to sign

v3.9.0.pdf (Oct-2018) – Bed Tracking and Notes improvements, LOC-specific Intake forms

v3.8.0.pdf (Sep-2018) – Signature and Form improvements, Bug fixes

v3.7.0.pdf (Jul-2018) – Next Review Alerts, Signature permissions, Admissions filter/display

v3.6.0.pdf (May-2018) – Calendar + usability improvements, Clinical forms archive, Bug fixes

v3.5.0.pdf (Mar-2018) – PreAdmission tab, Group Session Signatures, UI improvements

v3.4.0.pdf (Jan-2018) – DSM-V diagnosis, Group Note Filter, Staff signatures, Bug fixes

v3.3.0.pdf (Nov-2017) – Alerts Staff Dashboard, iPad improvements

v3.2.0.pdf (Aug-2017) – Intake Forms, iPad and form printing improvements

v3.1.0.pdf (Jul-2017) – iPad Edit demographics, LabGen interface, perf improvements

v3.0.0.pdf (Jun-2017) – Treatment Plan Editor, Custom Forms, iPad, UI Refresh

v2.11.0.pdf (Apr-2017) – Master Treatment Plan, MAR Bulk Sign-off, DataLists

v2.10.0.pdf (Feb-2017) – Password Reset, Lab and Billing Interface improvements

v2.9.0.pdf (Jan-2017) – VOB form improvements

v2.8.0.pdf (Dec-2016) – 2-Factor Authentication

v2.7.0.pdf (Oct-2016) – Lab Interface improvements, Group Session improvements

v2.6.0.pdf (Jul-2016) – Calendar redesign, recurring appointments

v2.5.0.pdf (Jun-2016) – MAR, eSignatures

v2.4.0.pdf (May-2016) – Report and Form improvements