During the month of August 2018 we conducted a usability survey for our M2Select EHR (rehab) product.

Any user of the system would see a link to a brief survey on their login page. This survey asked two simple questions as follows:

Answers were selections on a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from Strongly Agree (5) to Strongly Disagree (1). This type of usability survey is called UMUX-Lite; the methodology behind this type of survey is described here. The basic idea is that with a minimum of effort (just 2 questions) one can glean a large percentage of the insight gained from much more involved surveys (such as the 10 question Standard Usability Survey SUS).

The results of the survey are tabulated below:

A column chart visualizes these results as follows:


Interpretation of the results:

  • 89.1% or about 8 out of 9 users either agree or strongly agree that MedicalMime’s capabilities meet their requirements.
  • 87.5% or about 7 out of 8 users either agree or strongly agree that MedicalMime is easy to use.
  • 4.7% or about 1 in 21 users either disagree or strongly disagree on the above dimensions. About the same percentage is neutral.

Additionally, a free-form text field was provided to allow for comments and feedback. About half of the responses included comments. These comments were very useful in several regards:

  • Highlighting which particular areas customers like
  • Pointing out areas of improvement, often through minor changes or enhancements (for example in MAR or group notes)
  • Positive feedback about product and customer service
  • Comparison to other products customers have used prior to MedicalMime

A big THANK YOU to all participants who took the time to respond and especially the many useful comments.

In general, we are happy with the results. They confirm our sense from informal interactions that most customers really like using our product.

To be sure: We are not happy about the ~5% disagree responses. We have reached out to those users to better understand their specific issues and to see how we can help. In fact, the whole point of this survey was to learn about what we can do better. And listening to responses one doesn’t like to hear often provides the best feedback to improve the product!

As incentive to fill out the form we sponsored a $100 Amazon gift card. The prize was randomly selected on Tuesday, 9/4 through a little MedicalMime team ceremony (and Excel’s RANDBETWEEN() function). The lucky winner of the $100 gift card is:

Natalie Ruggiero (Best Life Counseling)

Congratulations and thanks again for your participation.

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