Go beyond reporting: Analyze your data interactively and visually with Medical Mime.

Appointments – Aggregate your Calendar Data

Understand your operational, financial and clinical data at a glance.

Census – See your Census grow, not your fees
Demographics – Understand your clients in the aggregate or specific cohorts

Improve operations: Compare facilities and providers against each other.

Eliminate waste: Spot outliers and clean up your data and operations.

Diagnosis – Review your diagnoses by ICD10 category and codes

Improve your bottom line: Generate work lists and pick low-hanging fruit.

Usage – Understand who is using MedicalMime how and how often

Save time: 1-Click share your data with stakeholders in presentations (pdf, pptx).

Discharge – Explore your client’s admission and discharge history

Drive additional insight: Export your data for further analysis (xlsx).

Request a demo today: See how you can benefit from MedicalMime Analytics!