Like most mature software companies, we have adopted agile development and short release cycles with almost monthly updates to our main products. This allows more rapid delivery of valuable features, improvements and bug fixes to our customers. For a review of our release history over the last year (8 updates in 12 months), please visit our M2Select Release Page.

Occasionally, there are enough new features and changes across the entire product to warrant not just a minor update, but a major upgrade to a new version number. This is one of those times: We are announcing M2Select v3.0 with a launch date on Friday, 6/23/2017.

The main feature highlights:

  • UI Refresh
  • iPad app
  • Treatment Plan Editor
  • Custom Forms modernization

UI Refresh

We have revamped our user interface with a fresh, clean look across three areas (browser, iPad, website). This includes a new logo, a blue/green color scheme and a more modern, “flat” look. Beginning on Friday, 6/23, starting from their login screen, customers will experience this new look & feel.

iPad app

Tablets in general and iPads in particular have evolved dramatically over the last five years. They now have much more sophisticated capabilities such as higher resolution screens, speech recognition, better cameras, Touch ID, longer battery life etc. This new release brings many of these capabilities into the daily workflow of our customers. For example, the ability to e-sign forms or treatment plans just with your finger (or iPad stylus) on the touch screen, eliminates the need to buy and connect a separate signature pad. Or seamlessly take pictures of new clients during the Intake process without having to email photos and have an admin configure them.

And of course the iPad app also features the new UI look & feel for seamless switching of work between the desktop browser and mobile application.

Treatment Plan Editor

In addition to the Master Treatment Plan feature introduced in v2.11 this new release will bring enhanced treatment plans. Users in the proper roles have access permissions to view/edit/print/sign treatment plans on all platforms. Treatment plans can be either taken from our library, customized from templates or built entirely from scratch to suit the needs for your individual treatment options. Our library includes all substance abuse treatment plans from the DSM-5 handbook.

Custom Forms modernization

MedicalMime has always been very focused on customization capabilities. This applies to many areas in our product, including treatment plans, reports, but especially forms. Custom forms can adapt to customer workflow and are used throughout the various workflows supported by our product (InTake, VOB, ASAM, Case Management, Group Sessions, etc.). This new release brings consistent view/edit/sign/print capabilities, much better performance. Systematic forms control and storage is also important for compliance. Some of our “power user” customers have created hundreds of forms!

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