“Thank you so much for all your help before our inspection, we aced it.”

Michael Mesveskas

Philly Counseling Center

“Just wanted to pass along my thanks and Kudo’s to your team and Jazzy in particular. We just underwent our yearly State Certification inspection and received our out-briefing yesterday. We received a 98.5 (out of a 100) from the State….in no small part due to your EHR system. The inspector stated it was the best EHR system she had ever worked with…..and the easiest. She liked the fact that it was so user friendly and it was obviously designed for an addiction center…..not a tweaked mental health system. She provided a story about another facility here in the state that went with someone else, and they almost failed the first year because it was so unworkable. It took the facility two years of changing to get the system up and workable. She was amazed we implemented the system in September and it has already improved our processes immensely.”

Robert Wigdorski

Gateway Recovery

“The best thing I can say about Medical Mime is my experience with customer service, in particular, Jazzy Degeffe. She has always responded to my every need promptly and if she does not hear from me she calls to check on me and provide updates. And by the way the EHR is great. Thank you so very much Jazzy.”

Larry Wilson

Metro Counseling Services

“We are grateful for the high level of service we have received. For a new facility, it is absolutely necessary to engage with a company that is a rock in the industry.
The MedicalMime representative who serves us, Jazzy Degeffe, is amazing. She is patient, professional, and proficient. She has spent the necessary time with us to make sure we are clear about what we have to do.
EINB, Inc. is pleased with the level of training offered on the MedicalMime system. The system is comprehensive and serves all our needs.
Again, thank you. We look forward to a long-term relationship.”

Percy Walker

CEO / Emerging Into New Behavior

“Finally an electronic medical record that is specifically designed with the end-user in mind. This is the most physician friendly electronic medical record I have ever used. No longer will I spend hours after clinic doing data entry!”

Cathy Stallworth, MD

“Medical Mime has brought incredible efficiency to this (orthopedic) practice. Within the first 30 days of usage I was 20% more efficient, had a higher patient load than the month prior, and was still able to walk out the door at 4:30 without a thing to do. I can’t urge you enough to check MedicalMime out for yourself; personally, we can’t imagine a better technology partner to have.”

Doug Estey, PA-C