Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with MedicalMime’S EHR Solution?

Medical Mime’s EHR modules provide cloud-based services including charting, scheduling, billing, e-Prescribing, electronic superbills, OCR insurance scanning, lab integrations, electronic faxing as well as ICD-9, ICD-10, CPCT Procedural Codes & HCPCS Procedural Coding.

What kind of hardware or servers do I need?

All you need to get started is a desktop or laptop with internet access. We highly encourage our providers to use our iPad application in order to achieve maximum efficiency within the practice. We can load our application on your iPad or provide one already configured and activated.

How many users can I have in my practice or facility?

There are no limits on the number of users, records or patients you can have in your account. Our cloud-based system was built to expand as needed.

What type of information might be stored on an EHR?

Anything that can be stored on paper medical records can be stored on EHR, but electronic records can be more comprehensive and flexible. For example, a patient’s electronic records could include all of the drugs prescribed to that person and all tests administered. Records can be viewed not only in chronological order but also displayed in other formats such as charts and graphs that allow the patient’s regular physician or any specialist to see trends and changes affecting that person’s treatment.

How secure will my electronic health records be?

Just like paper records, electronic health records must comply with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in regard to protecting patient privacy. Unlike paper records, electronic health records can be encoded so that only authorized individuals can view them.

What is the Health Information Exchange?

Health information exchange (HIE) is a protocol for the electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards. HIE also sometimes is referred to as a health information network (HIN). All MedicalMime products comply with HIE standards.

What is E-Prescribing and how does it relate to an EHR?

Electronic prescribing, or e-Prescribing, enables a physician to transmit a prescription electronically to a pharmacy. It also enables physicians and pharmacies to obtain information from drug plans about a patient’s eligibility and medication history. In many places, e-Prescribing is the first form of EHR/HIE being adopted.