MM Dictation & Transcription
This Industry-Leading Medical Transcription and Digital Dictation is quick, secure and easy to integrate. M2Speak is the solution of choice for providers of all sizes and structures—from private practices and provider groups to treatment facilities and large hospitals.

Here’s how M2Speak sets itself apart from competition:

Accurate Transcripts

All of our transcriptions flow through three layers of accountability assuring you of the quality and accuracy.

Fast Turnaround

Transcripts are delivered the next business day. We also offer an expedited 4 to 6 hour expedited service.

Integration Solution

M2Speak allows integration solutions for delivery directly into our dictation-based EHR, M2Pro, or with other template-based systems.

Unlimited Storage

Since M2Speak is a cloud-based system, we have unlimited storage capabilities which can be accessed from any computer – no additional software is needed.

Top-Level Security

All transcripts are encrypted using 168-bit triple DES encryption, and data sent over the Internet is encrypted and sent over the HTTPS protocol.

Superior Service 24/7

Superior customer service 24/7 isn’t about becoming number one. It’s about making your customer number one! We assign a dedicated service representative to every customer and technical support is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.