Designed for facilities that specialize in:

• Substance Use • Rehabilitation and Addiction

• Behavioral and Mental Health

Your needs are different. Your patients are different. We get it. Which is why we’ve custom built a streamlined EHR to meet the demanding needs of substance use treatment and behavioral health providers. Supported with the same advanced technology, data security and award-winning customer support that comes with all Medical Mime solutions.

Cloud Based EHR Solution

M2Select’s web-based technology supports tablets and PCs and allows remote user access to the EHR from any web-enabled computer or iPad.

Intuitive Clinical Workflow

M2Select’s specialized clinical workflow provides intuitive prompts for symptoms and enables you to quickly select problems and create master treatment plans with goals, objectives, and interventions.

Set User Access Levels

Strict user access controls ensure patient privacy and record integrity by allowing you to set privileges for each user in the system.

Customized Forms and Templates

M2Select’s library of forms and templates covers every aspect of patient care, including a full array of ASAM forms, a customizable biopsychosocial assessment and a COWS assessment. The form-builder wizard also allows users to easily customize forms or build new ones specific to their practice. And the clinical chart includes a graphic interface for tracking vitals and outcomes.

Situation-Specific Tools

From taper orders to client cell phone policies, M2Select features many tools and functions unique to substance use treatment and behavioral health—including detailed treatment and aftercare plans for dozens of specific diagnoses including substance use, depression, anxiety and anger management.

Time-Saving Features

M2Select includes single patient charting with readmission histories, individual and group session scheduling and notation, bed tracking, shift reports and staff-to-staff tasking, as well as lab interfacing, e-prescribing and integrated billing technology.