MM EHR for Medical Providers
M2Pro’s Advanced Dictation-Based Electronic Health Records is an intuitive and simplified EHR solution that seamlessly fits into your natural workflow. MU certified and subscription based, it saves time and produces precise clinical notes that will enhance patient outcomes and protect your practice.

Here’s just some of the powerful M2Pro features:

Cloud Based EHR Solution

A web-based technology which allows you to access patient information from any computer with internet access.

Dictate Your Clinical Notes

M2Pro gives you the efficiency of dictation on our powerful EHR platform. Technology, efficiency and simplicity – Brilliant!

Scheduler Customization

The intuitive scheduler is customized to mimic your current scheduler. No re-training needed, which creates more efficiency and revenue.

iPad and iPhone Interface

M2Pro has an approved application for the iPhone and iPad giving you flexibility, reliability and portability of your patient records.

Set User Access levels

Access to your M2Pro is defined by strict user access levels so you can be ensured that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Award Winning Support

Led by a master in Organizational Management, we have a dedicated English-speaking phone and email support team that will answer all inquires promptly.

HIPAA Compliant

We meet or exceed all HIPAA
and proposed HHS certification requirements, and monitor state and federal regulations to ensure your practice is always compliant. Our world-class data center feature biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies and continuous surveillance systems.

Patient Portal

Your practice’s Patient Portal allows your patients to access their personal health record (PHR), schedule new appointments, request prescription refills, review health maintenance information and review billing charges. it is a gateway to a better lifestyle for physicians and patients alike.

Looking for even more features? No problem. Check these out.

Fully Integrated

All of M2Pro’s applications were developed and designed to run on a single database. Because of this, we provide a sophisticated level of integration functionality.

Sophisticated Searching

Want to find all your male patients over the age of 55 with high blood pressure? No Problem! Our advanced search engine allows you to find information easily.

Meaningful Use Reporting

Use our analytical reporting to ensure that you are achieve meaningful criteria; qualifying you for government incentives.

Electronic Faxing

M2Pro’s HIPPA approved fax server enables inbound faxes to automatically become files attached to medical records.