Together with partner BLH Psych Services, LLC we conducted a breakfast event at MedicalMime headquarters to learn about what it takes to pass a Joint Commission (JC) audit. The 7-step process overview showed how BLH Psych Services approaches accreditation and how MedicalMime’s EHR rehab system can help to obtain and maintain JCAHO accreditation.

The 7 steps can be summarized as follows:

  1. Keep up to date on The Joint Commission standard changes.
  2. Policies and Procedures are current to the organizations practice.
  3. Review clinical records and forms – update deficiencies.
  4. Structure the organization based upon identified roles & responsibilities.
  5. Identify and implement a standardized outcome measure.
  6. Identify areas of improvement by collecting & analyzing department data.
  7. Physical building review, ensure required safety equipment.

From experience, customization (of the accreditation process and the Electronic Health Record system) plays a key role. According to estimates from Bridget Heady, BLH Psych Services, around 60% of JC surveys are based upon your services provided and documented within your EHR. So ensuring that an EHR can be customized and easily changed is vital to achieve and maintain compliance.

Click below if you’re interested in downloading the slides from the presentation.

How to pass a Joint Commission Audit and How MedicalMime EHR rehab can help


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