The MedicalMime product has originally been developed using Adobe’s Flex technology, which requires the Flash runtime plugin in web browsers.

In 2017 Adobe announced that it would discontinue developing and distributing Flash support by the end of 2020. As a result, most browser vendors have similarly announced that they will end support of Flash by the end of 2020.

MedicalMime is in the process of migrating its EHR product to more modern technologies based on JavaScript and HTML5. This will not cause any downtime outside of the normal, periodic product upgrades. At the same time we are improving those functional areas by adding some enhancements or fixing bugs. The attentive user will have noticed minor changes in those areas of the product which have already been migrated.

At this time the product still uses Flex and hence still requires Flash. Recently many browsers have made Flash support an opt-in process, requiring the user to explicitly grant permission to run Flash-based content. This article provides some tips on how to do so and links to additional information.


To manage the settings in Chrome controlling the appearance of Flash content, navigate the Chrome browser to the following URL:

You can change the default behavior for all sites to either Block, Allow, or Ask before running any Flash-based content.

Our recommendation is to set to either Block or Ask in general, but to add as a trusted URL and set it to Allow.

Chrome settings Allowing Flash content for MedicalMime web application

Unfortunately Chrome will reset these settings when you quit and restart the browser; this means that you will need to give consent each time when you first login after starting the browser.



FireFox continues to support Flash once enabled (see below).

More details coming soon.



Microsoft Edge browsers support Flash once configured properly (see link below).



As with other browsers, Safari must be configured to support Flash. This can be done for macOS 10.12 and later (see below).

Note: Flash does not run on iOS: iPad and iPhone Safari browsers do not support Flash.