This post looks at a bullet list of advantages as listed by on this useful FAQ page and then highlights how our MedicalMime EHR will help you achieve those advantages.

Electronic Health Records ( EHRs) are the first step to transformed health care. The benefits of electronic health records include: Better health care by improving all aspects of patient care, including safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, communication, education, timeliness, efficiency, and equity.

EHRs and the ability to exchange health information electronically can help you provide higher quality and safer care for patients while creating tangible enhancements for your organization. EHRs help providers better manage care for patients and provide better health care by:

  • Providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care
    • Detailed patient information, including demographics, insurance information, medication history, allergies, etc.
    • Detailed and customizable forms of patient care and history
    • Listing of encounters with personal notes


  • Enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated, efficient care
    • Patient specific summary dashboard with all forms and information just a few clicks away
    • Searching and sorting supported in all forms


  • Securely sharing electronic information with patients and other clinicians
    • Communicating via HL7 standard with other systems
    • Data export capabilities for providers



  • Improving patient and provider interaction and communication, as well as health care convenience
    • Custom forms and treatment plans with personal notes and signatures
    • Group sessions and individual encounters history


  • Enabling safer, more reliable prescribing
    • Convenience and safety of e-prescriptions


  • Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing
    • No more paper forms
    • Custom forms and reports
    • Billing support (i.e. Verification of Benefits)


  • Enhancing privacy and security of patient data
    • All documentation stored securely in database in the cloud
    • State-of-the-art security features including 2-Factor-Authentication and secure cloud hosting


  • Helping providers improve productivity and work-life balance
    • No more data entry from paper to digital
    • Alerts about outstanding tasks or signatures


  • Enabling providers to improve efficiency and meet their business goals
    • Saving time during recurring processes such as Intake or Discharge
    • Calendar functionality to organize the practice


  • Reducing costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.
    • Quick and easy access to patient documentation and history
    • Alerts and Tasks to identify special needs or safety concerns

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