While researching the often cited physician burnout from EHR burdens, I came across the above nice infographic from Practice Velocity. It lists the 5 ways an EHR can benefit your practice.

While written originally for urgent care ambulatory settings, much of this holds true for addiction treatment settings as well:

  1. Save Time: Whether it’s the various information captured during Intake or other important points during treatment, a well organized EHR workflow can streamline all the documentation and move from messy paperwork to well-structured, secure online storage.
  2. Improve Patient Care: The use of templates helps with repetitive processes; at the same time, customization is important to avoid using the same boilerplate approach to every patient. Integration with various lab or billing systems (see our page on Product Integrations) as well as electronic prescribing of medications are standard features of modern EHR systems.
  3. Easily Access Data: The patient chart with the entire context of past encounters and treatments, medication allergies, demographic information, insurance information etc. is a central component of modern EHR systems. With Software as a Service offerings this information is securely hosted in the cloud and can be accessed remotely from a variety of devices.
  4. Painless Implementation: Many early (especially large scale) EHR projects resulted in failure because the system was too complex, not intuitive to use, and/or users weren’t properly trained. At MedicalMime we pride ourselves in delivering a very intuitive system that is easy to use and easy to learn. In facilities with new staff or frequent turnover this becomes especially important. From earlier post on What Customers Are Saying, our VP Sales used to say: “You can start to use our product after 1 hour. You can be more productive with it after 1 day. You can be fully proficient with it after 1 week.” A good amount of training is included in our implementation fee.
  5. Increase profits: Capturing all encounters and billable services is a key requirement to streamline billing. Our solution specialists have come up with simple, yet effective ways to do so using our custom forms and custom reports templates to help you quickly document all billable services. This will help your practice regardless of which billing system you might be using.

For more ways on how our EHR can benefit your practice, check out our 25 Questions to Ask when considering an EHR for your practice!

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