Information technology has a lot of potential to improve healthcare – one of the key factors which attracted me personally to the healthcare sector. With the fast pace of change, it is far from obvious which specific areas will be shaped by which technology over what time horizon.

The Health Data Management website recently published a list of 15 trends on how information technology will influence healthcare in the New Year. This is not specific to the addiction treatment sector, but seems to apply quite well. Here is a summary:

  1. EHRs must deliver more value
  2. Rising adoption of artificial intelligence
  3. Artificial intelligence will help EHRs deliver benefits
  4. Technology aims to mitigate the risk of value-based care
  5. The push grows for interoperability
  6. More tools emerge to achieve information exchange
  7. The cloud looms larger
  8. Precision and personalized medicine gathers steam
  9. Information systems take in more relevant data
  10. Providers will seek to prevent, rather than just respond to, security events
  11. Hackers will become increasingly sophisticated
  12. Patient participation in their care becomes crucial
  13. Providers will seek to monetize digital health
  14. Virtual medicine finds a place in healthcare
  15. Providers to pay more attention to payments

Many of the above trends apply to our MedicalMime EHR, from cloud-based to interoperability to value-based care to payments. We are constantly innovating and delivering more value – see our MedicalMime Release Page with 8 releases in the last 12 months.

A new member on the list is the focus on security and hackers. With more data being collected and analyzed, healthcare systems become more of a target. Here is a page describing some of the many security related features and investments into our EHR.

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